How to choose the best courier company for your business: 9 Questions to ask them!

Abetta Couriers UK Ltd - 3 Feb 2015

Choosing the right courier company for your business is absolutely essential. It doesn’t matter how efficiently you have processed a client’s order or how excellent your customer service has been; if your parcel is not delivered when and where you promised, your efforts will have been in vain.

We have therefore compiled a list of useful questions to ask when you are selecting a courier service!

  1. How quickly can you pick up an urgent parcel?
    A good courier company should offer almost immediate pick ups.
  2. What are your opening hours?
    As any business owner knows, parcels do not need delivering simply between the hours of 9-5. Therefore look for a courier service that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. What type of packages do you deliver?
    Make sure your chosen courier company has the capability of delivering everything from documents to large parcels. Even if you normally only send out small items you never know when you may need a different service.
  4. Do I have different delivery options?
    An immediate, same-day delivery service is excellent when you need a parcel delivered fast but for less urgent items it makes far more sense to use a cheaper, next-day service. Make sure your company offers you a choice.
  5. Do you provide proof of delivery?
    This is essential; if a courier company doesn’t offer this service then walk away.
  6. Do you have insurance?
    All professional courier services should have an insurance policy to cover any loss or damage to your goods. Check the amount and what it covers.
  7. Do you have any professional accreditations?
    Membership of trade bodies or professional accreditations suggest that the company takes a pride in its business and staff which ultimately leads to good customer service.
  8. How will I recognise your courier?
    Many courier companies provide their drivers with a uniform so they are instantly recognisable. This makes drivers look professional and easily identifiable to your clients.
  9. How familiar are you with the road network?
    If you are a local business dealing with other businesses in the area you will want to find a courier service that knows the local roads. You don’t want your deliveries taking longer than necessary because your driver has no knowledge of the area and is relying solely on a sat nav.

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