Environmentally Friendly Courier Services

Abetta stands out as London’s most reliable, green, same-day courier service. By utilising a fleet of zero and ultra-low-emission vehicles, we not only provide excellent service but also contribute to a greener London. Our objective is to ‘Deliver the Difference’ rather than simply delivering items. Trust us with your courier needs and help make London a cleaner city.

Social Impact

As an organisation that functions both as an employer and operates a self-employed courier fleet, we deeply understand the gravity of our responsibilities. We aim to make a profound positive impact, exhibit utmost respect, and make meaningful contributions to our local communities. The crux of our mission doesn’t just lie in acknowledging these actions’ significance but also in executing them with utmost effectiveness.

We do this in 4 main ways:

1. Local Businesses

Backing local, minority-owned business where feasible.

2. Environment

Reducing our environmental impact in the areas in which we operate.

3. Local Communities

Giving back to local communities, through charitable and community donations.

4. Local People

Employing and empowering local people in all aspects of our business.

Sustainability At Abetta

We’re wholeheartedly dedicated to shrinking our carbon footprint and making mindful choices about investing in eco-friendly vehicles. Here’s how we’re making that happen:

  1. Offsetting our Carbon Footprint
  2. Offering our clients, the chance to offset their Carbon Footprint too
  3. Replacing end-of-life vehicles with greener alternatives
  4. Investing in alternative transport methods such as EAVs and Electric Vehicles
  5. Using renewable energy
  6. Contributing to local community environmental initiatives

Aim to be carbon-free by 2030

ICO Accreditation

Abetta, a leading logistics provider, is unwavering in our pursuit of excellence across all facets of our operations. Our broad spectrum of certifications and licenses stands as a testament to our unyielding dedication to upholding the highest standards, complying with regulations meticulously, and assuming full responsibility for our actions. We are proud bearers of UKAS ISO 9001, 14001, and 27001 accreditations – undeniable evidence of our commitment to superior quality management, environmental responsibility and ensuring the utmost security for your information.

Our commitment to data protection is validated by our prestigious certification from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Furthermore, our comprehensive Courier Insurance and Public/Private Liability Insurance stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication towards ensuring the utmost security and satisfaction for our valued clients. These recognitions, licenses, and insurance policies collectively underscore our relentless pursuit of excellence in service delivery. Rest assured, this commitment is always harmoniously balanced with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, data security, and strict adherence to regulatory compliance.

Investing In Our Future…

Abetta, with our fleet of zero and low-emission delivery vehicles, is leading the charge in environmental preservation. Together, we hold the power to reshape London into a greener city that’s perfect for both living and working. Let’s join hands in this noble cause!

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