Driverless Cars – what do they mean for Courier Companies?

Abetta Couriers UK Ltd - 8 May 2015

It is no secret that technology is constantly evolving and adapting meaning there is no end to future possibilities.

The next big thing in the pipeline is driverless cars, crazy right?

Not as ridiculous as you might first think – these cars are actively being developed and are believed to be implemented all over the world in less time than you would imagine. The self-drive pods will be tested in locations as close as Milton Keynes and Coventry.

The main purpose of the self-drive cars is to increase road safety and decrease emissions and congestion. The cars will not have to rely on human perception of the dangers on the roads which will prevent accidents and will also be able to drive themselves away once used to a carpark away from the city centre to save vital space on the roads.

Driverless CarsSurely there are consequences…

Although when first thought about you would assume that the development would mean lots of people losing their jobs to robotic cars it seems to be the opposite. In actual fact it is predicted that they will create 320,000 jobs in the automotive manufacturing industry between now and 2030.

Even better still:

The report also claims that driverless cars will save 2500 lives by preventing 25,000 serious car accidents in the next 15 years. Plus will add £51 billion a year to the country’s economy.

So what does that mean for Abetta Couriers I hear you ask?

Although change can be scary sometimes and we are watching the headlines for developments on the project, at this moment there isn’t anything to worry about as driverless cars are in their very early stages. However we know that the best businesses adapt, so maybe we will develop our own Abetta spacecraft by then anyway!

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