Essential Tips for Your First International Package Shipment

Abetta Couriers - 12 Mar 2024

international shipping

Shipping your first international package can be an exhilarating yet intimidating experience. Whether you’re dispatching items for business or sending a personal gift abroad, knowing the essentials of international shipping is vital to ensure your package arrives intact and without delays.

Here’s a detailed roadmap to help you navigate the process of international package delivery.

Comprehensive Guide to Shipping Internationally

1. Research Prohibited Items: Before sending your items, it is imperative to confirm whether they are permitted in the destination country. Each country has its own rules and regulations regarding prohibited or restricted goods, and courier services may also have their own restrictions. Checking thoroughly will help avoid any legal complications and the possibility of your package being returned.

2. Secure Packaging Techniques: The journey overseas can be rough on parcels, making robust packaging critical. To protect your items:

  • Individually wrap each item, ensuring they are not in contact with the box walls.
  • Fill gaps with plenty of padding to prevent movement.
  • Use durable boxes designed to withstand the rigours of international transit.

3. Be Aware of Size and Weight Restrictions

Courier services have set size and weight limits that impact the overall shipping costs. Going beyond these limits may lead to additional charges. It is important to understand and adhere to these regulations in order to avoid unexpected fees.

4. Accurate and Clear Addressing: Ensuring the destination address is precise is crucial for on-time delivery. Tips for addressing:

  • Write addresses in CAPITAL LETTERS for better legibility.
  • Skip punctuation such as commas and full stops.
  • Label items as FRAGILE or PERISHABLE when needed.
  • Apply correct postage to cover shipping, avoiding delays or additional charges.

5. Fill Out Customs Forms Correctly: Most international shipments require a customs declaration form detailing the contents and their value, which will be used to calculate duties and taxes. Accurate completion of this form is essential to facilitate smooth customs clearance.

Extra Tips for a Smooth International Shipping Experience

  • Declared Value: Aim to declare an accurate but reasonable value to minimise customs duties.
  • Insurance: Insuring your package may increase scrutiny at customs but provides protection against loss or damage.
  • General Descriptions: When listing items, keep descriptions broad (e.g., “apparel” instead of “men’s shirts”) to streamline customs procedures.
  • Remove Retail Tags: Eliminate price tags and packaging from new items to aid in declaring them as personal use goods.
  • Package Consolidation: When possible, combine multiple items into a single package to reduce shipping costs.

Shipping internationally doesn’t have to be a complex ordeal. By following these guidelines, you can smoothly manage the intricacies of global logistics and ensure that your items are delivered safely and promptly. Being well-informed is the key to a successful international shipment, whether for business or personal reasons.

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