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Abetta Couriers UK Ltd - 21 Apr 2015

We all have our favourite SatNav or app to use on your phone to help you get from A to B. However as times are changing and technology is evolving there is now a lot more out there for you to choose from.

We have found some brilliant apps that could save you money, time and most of all sanity when navigating the roads. Most of these are available from the Apple store and Google Play for Android.

You already know how dangerous it is to use your mobile phones while driving your car let alone the points on your licence and fines you could receive so please refrain from using them while you are behind the wheel.

RAC Traffic App – Free / 69p

RAC Traffic AppThis comprehensive traffic information app lets you see delays, accidents and roadworks throughout the UK on a Google Map. You can view a specific location ahead of time or monitor your current location and zoom in to find more information on the incident. There are two levels to this app, the first is free and the upgrade is 69p.    Apple    Android

AA Parking – £1.99

AA ParkingIf you hate driving around endlessly looking for a car parking space or even a car park at all then this app is for you. The handy little app lists all of the car parks closest to you including the prices, directions to the car park and real-time parking spaces when available. Never add an extra 20 minutes to your journey by circling the town looking for a carpark again!   Apple   Android

JamCam- Free

JamCamThis is very handy when you are about to begin a long journey or make your commute home. JamCam allows you to view over 2000 UK motorways and A roads cameras live traffic feed. It’ll help you find out when you should leave later than planned or take that diversion to avoid congestion on your route. Save yourself the agonising wait in a traffic jam by downloading JamCam today – it is free after all! Apple    Android

Petrol Prices – £2.99  

Petrol PricesWith fuel prices fluctuating we all want to find the cheapest places to fill our tanks to make sure we are getting our money’s worth. With this app you can easily view all of your local petrol stations and the price that they are selling their fuel for, allowing you to decide which one to use. You could make back the price of the app in just one fill-up.    Apple    Android

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