Larger courier companies fail to deliver

Abetta Couriers UK Ltd - 18 Dec 2014

You may be aware there is a certain lack of festive cheer being directed towards some of the larger courier companies at the moment. As the busiest period of the year ramps up to its peak, the second largest delivery company in the UK found itself unable to cope with demand. Stories abounded on social media and in the mainstream news about parcels being held in depots for days on end whilst new collections were simply put on hold whilst the backlog was cleared.

The problem arose due to the huge amount of online shopping taking place on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Manic Monday. The huge surge in orders meant that delivery companies were overwhelmed with Yodel experiencing a massive build-up of parcels at its national sorting centres resulting in an average delay of 1 to 3 days. Controversially the company then took the decision to not collect “new” parcels from clients for a couple of days whilst they sorted the backlog.

Though it now claims deliveries are getting back to normal the company has faced mounting criticism about its inability to cope. In a statement Yodel said: “The recent, well documented, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other retail promotions have resulted in unexpectedly high parcel volumes across the carrier industry. On these key days we have experienced volumes that were up to 26 per cent over the forecast from our clients.”

The problem has highlighted the larger courier companies’ inability to react speedily to situations.  It has proved to be a boon for smaller delivery companies though which have seen an increase in demand as businesses realise the enormity of the problem and turn to firms they know will deliver their goods when promised.  Many clients are then switching their allegiance permanently as they realise the benefits of dealing with small yet professional firms which can offer a personal and efficient service.


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