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Abetta Couriers UK Ltd - 14 Jul 2015

London Tube Strike

You may have seen all over the news, heard from your friends or been unfortunate enough to be stuck in the middle of the strikes on your daily commute to and from work.  In case some how you managed to miss it – last week saw all 11 lines and 270 underground stations completely shut down as part of the tube strike affecting millions of people’s journeys to and from work.

London Tube Strikes

















The strike began on Wednesday evening and trains were all completely cancelled on Thursday 9th July, the disruption continued until Friday morning when normal service resumed. Commuters were advised to make their journeys outside peak times using alternative methods such as bicycles or buses. It was described as ‘carnage’ and ‘out of control’ by travellers who were affected by the strike.

Tube Strikes London


Can we trust public transport?

Although public transport can sometimes be the perfect travel arrangement for a night out involving a few drinks or a day trip around the city – it may be sensible to leave it up to the professionals to look after any important deliveries.  With buses cancelled every day, trains being delayed and tube strikes being held you may want to consider an alternative method of transporting your packages.

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