Planning ahead to beat the queues

Abetta Couriers UK Ltd - 14 Nov 2014

At Abetta Couriers we pride ourselves on delivering your packages quickly and cost-effectively. Of course we are subject to all the same frustrations as any other road user; congestion, road works, adverse weather etc. etc. but what differentiates us from many other courier services is our attention to detail.

As part of the professional service we offer our clients we make sure we are aware of all the scheduled road works and plan our routes accordingly.  Once we know that a particular road will be closed we can work out alternative routes before sending our drivers out. This saves them getting stuck in congestion and ensures your parcels get to their destination on time.

Always prepared

Unfortunately not all traffic chaos is caused by planned road closures or road works and this is where our experienced drivers make all the difference. Delivering for a wide range of companies across Hertfordshire and London, our drivers are familiar with the road network and expert in avoiding bottlenecks and traffic hotspots.

We offer all our clients a choice of vehicles to suit their budget and requirements.  Many of our central London-based clients opt for our same day motorbike courier service as no matter how well prepared you are, traffic on the capital’s streets can be unpredictable to say the least. Motorbikes can usually avoid the worst of the congestion and are a fast, reliable option for small, urgent deliveries.

So whatever your requirements, rest assured we will have done our research and will ensure your parcel arrives at its destination on time – whatever the road conditions.

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