Could a star of the future be delivering your goods?

Abetta Couriers UK Ltd - 19 Feb 2015

At Abetta Couriers we choose our drivers for their winning personalities and unrivalled knowledge of the Hertfordshire and London road networks. But what other talents do they have lurking beneath the surface? For when it comes to their chosen profession they are in very esteemed company. We have been doing a little research and discovered these following famous faces who have all made a living behind the wheel at some point in their lives:

Sir Sean Connery – the famous Scottish actor and producer started his working life as a milkman before joining the Royal Navy. After leaving for health reasons he had a number of different jobs including lorry driver, lifeguard, labourer and artist’s model.

Nigel Harman – the former EastEnders heartthrob once supplemented his acting income with a job making food deliveries for a certain well-known supermarket.

Liam Neeson – the Irish actor had a number of different casual jobs before getting his big break in the acting world. As well as working as a fork lift driver at Guinness he also spent a stint behind the wheel as a lorry driver.

Richard Pryor – the US comedian found himself scrabbling round for work after he got expelled from school at the age of 14. Among the jobs he racked up before being discovered was truck driver and meat packer.

Charles Bronson – the American film and television actor worked in a coal mine as a young man before he entered military service during World War II. After the war he took a number of different jobs – including as a lorry driver – before joining a theatrical group and then moving to Hollywood to start acting lessons and find film work.

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