The importance of same-day delivery in today’s world

Abetta Couriers UK Ltd - 7 Oct 2015

The importance of same-day delivery in today's world

We are in a fast moving world! With trains that can travel from London to Paris in 2 hours in just two hours, and mobile phones that are now equipped with super-fast processors which make browsing the internet on the go a regular occurrence.  This trend is spreading across all works of human endeavour and has led to increasing level of customer expectations.  The need for businesses to create a competitive advantage and meet customer expectations has now led to the increasing demand for same-day delivery service.


As the name implies, same day delivery service occurs when goods are collected and delivered to customers within the same day. Imagine ordering an item in the early hours of Friday and having said product delivered to you within a 24-hour time-frame. It is worth mentioning that in some cases this delivery service is subject to limitations like the actual size and weight of the goods, weather conditions and the logistics of sending them within the given timeframe.  Nonetheless, it is important to look at some of the advantages of same-day delivery service for businesses.


Advantages of same day delivery:

1)   Creating a competitive advantage: As product quality and price appear to be similar between competing businesses, offering a same day delivery service will most likely be a source of competitive advantage. To some companies, offering same day delivery service at no extra cost is part of their unique selling proposition (USP).

2)   Enhancing Productivity: Same day delivery is also believed to improve the overall productivity of staff. Employees are more likely to stay motivated when there is a realization that a customer’s order is required to be sent out on the same day.

3)  Improving inventory management: Same day delivery also helps to simplify the inventory management process. Having a pile of stock and setting up a process to effectively manage does take a lot of time, resources and warehouse space. With a same day delivery service, production and sales take place simultaneously, which reduces the scale at which stocks are held.

4) Establishment of trust: Same day delivery service breeds reliability and professionalism.  A happy and satisfied customer is the bedrock of most successful businesses. Providing a same day courier service ensures your clients and customers are left feeling important. In some cases, this also builds an army of brand advocates who have been impressed with the same day delivery experience.

A survey carried out by E-consultancy revealed that about 50% of respondents had abandoned an online purchase due to an unsatisfactory delivery option. At Abetta Couriers, we love to make your customers happy with our same day deliveries throughout the UK mainland. Contact our team on 020 7870 3444 for more details on our same day delivery service.

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