TV’s need for speed

Abetta Couriers UK Ltd - 10 Nov 2014

The fast-paced world of television production is reliant on time-critical pick-ups and deliveries. At Abetta Couriers we like to think we play our part in delivering your favourite television programmes – literally!

Our drivers and motorcycle couriers have earned a reputation for providing a fast, efficient and friendly service and we therefore now find ourselves working for many of London’s leading media, fashion and television companies.

Time is of the absolute essence for television production companies as they make urgent deliveries to facilities houses in central London where the dubbing and editing of programmes takes place.  Some programmes have to be turned around in less than 24 hours and a courier service is by far the quickest and most cost-efficient option for urgent deliveries through the busy, congested streets of London.

Flexible and responsive

TV production does not operate on a 9-5 schedule and nor do we at Abetta so we can pick up urgent deliveries within minutes of receiving a call, 24 hours a day. We offer all our clients a choice of vehicles for economy and speed – with many in central London opting for our same day motorbike courier service.

So whatever your business, if you need a fast, responsive courier company give Abetta Couriers a call today on 020 7870 3444 and see how we can deliver the best possible service for you and your company.

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