Weather to use a courier?

Abetta Couriers UK Ltd - 31 Oct 2014

At Abetta Couriers we are already looking ahead to winter and the potential weather-related chaos it may bring.


There appears to be a definite lack of agreement amongst long-term weather forecasters about what is heading our way over the next few months. Indeed according to some recent headlines we are in for “arctic” conditions with freezing temperatures and huge amounts of snowfall. Others are predicting average temperatures, with average rainfall and little in the way of storms or anything extreme. In fact the only thing they all seem to agree on is that long range forecasting is notoriously difficult to get right.

Whatever the weather

One thing we can all probably agree on though is that whatever the weather this winter there will inevitably be disruption to the public transport system. Whether it’s due to wind, rain, snow or ice there will be days when public transport grinds to a halt.

And that’s why – in inclement weather – it makes perfect sense to use a courier service.  Parcels and documents sent via public transport can become stuck in transit as weather conditions deteriorate and backlogs cause further delays even once the weather has cleared. With Abetta’s same day courier services your parcels can’t get stuck in depots and unless conditions deteriorate really suddenly all our drivers know what the conditions are and can plan routes and timings accordingly.

Don’t get in a jam

Of course traffic jams can and do occur due to weather conditions particularly in city centres and in this instance the best solution is probably a same day motorbike courier. Motorbikes can avoid congestion and holdups and are an excellent solution for smaller but urgent deliveries.

So whether you have an urgent parcel requiring same day service or simply a document which needs to be with a client the next day, using Abetta Couriers makes perfect sense – even more so in the unpredictable months ahead.

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